Accessing the Many Dimensions of Holography

“Any technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Jeffrey Allen’s Bio

For over 35 years, Jeff Allen has been involved in cutting-edge technologies, he has participated in many of the major breakthroughs in the evolution of Holography, including Diffractive 0ptics, white-light viewability, embossing (mass-producibility), non-counterfeitable, and instant composite holograms. This experience has given him a unique vantage point to have a comprehensive understanding of Holography thus far. During this period he has acquired an expert awareness of its past, current and potential markets and possibilities

Presently, he is involved in four areas in facilitating the growth of Holography’s future, by: 1) Exploring the relationship of holography and quantum physics, 2) Using holography as a model and medium to help communicate our understanding of quantum theory and its mechanics, 3) Pursuing artistic uses of holography to further explore holography’s ascetic capabilities through technical breakthroughs coming from the artist’s, as well as the scientist’s, discipline, and 4) Continuing to evolve Holodeck-like experiences and environments by integrating various media with holography to become more fully immersive and interactive (referred to as The Holographic Experience).

The following is a partial list of his past involvements and accomplishments, mostly focusing on Holography.

INVENTIONS/PATENTS (CR&D Corporation – Co-founded with Michael Foster, the inventor)
1973   -1st high diffraction efficiency embossed (mass producible without lasers) holograms (surface relief replicated holograms).
-1st embossed multi-stereo and multi-channel (movie and multi-image) holograms (“Randi” and “Superman”).
1st successful dichromatic gelatin (white-light viewable) holograms.
-1st dichromatic gelatin hologram from helium-neon (red frequency) laser.
1972   - Diffractive Optics, enabling wafer thin optics “thin telescope” (Basic Patents – Color Correction).
1970-71 -Kinetic and movie displays for outdoor advertising & television commercials recorded on static slides, projected through polarization filters.
-Variable ratio anamorphic lens (color corrected).
-Non-electrical “hydrogen flame” acoustical amplification system.
-Programmable, acoustical sinusoidal waves generator


2013 - Oversaw the creation of a crystal masterpieces for a space recognition piece by artists Eileen Borgeson and Peter Yenawine entitled “Celestial Wings”
- Worked on a proposed HoloZone to interface with a Burning Man “Spaceport and HoloDeck’ Installation
2012 - Created with art Eileen Borgeson holographic crystal awards for the annual 3D Film Festival ( ) produced by Christopher Crescitelli at LA Live entitled “3DFF Digital Star” Awards. Honorees included: Hollywood legends Roger and Julie Gorman and the founder of the Monteux Jazz Festival, Claude Nobs.
- Co-launched with Eileen Borgeson for Commercial Spaceflight Recognition, Master planning for Spaceports and Astronaut Training HoloZones, and Space Themed Hospitality Environment, Entertainment and Experiences.
2011 - Co-produced with Rudy Esquivel for Virtual Live Stage Entertainment the Creation of several avatars, including: Spirit of Rock and Roll Avatar for a Led Zeppelin tribute.
2010 - Consulting with G&R Entertainment on the abilities to have virtual avatars on-stage with live musicians and comedians.
- Worked with Eileen Borgeson on her original, inaugural Lumiere Award for the International 3D Society
2009 - Consulting with Fry’s Electronics on a potential ‘Future space/Alien’ theme for a new store using holographic cloaking for the spaceships and ‘holographic’ projections for the Aliens.
2008 - Wrote a report for IAAPA Funworld Magazine on Holography entitled “21st Century Magic” -
2007 - An alliance between Eyoub Khan (Conceptual Design Group - ), artist Eileen Borgeson ( ) and myself was created to offer our services for Spaceports and Space Themed Environments and Experiences. Eyoub -, Eileen -, Jeff -
- Working the Private Spaceflight Federation ( which shortly became the Commercial Spaceflight Federation - ) on recognition programs and designing possible astronaut wings for the new private astronauts that are about to be launched.
2006 - Created with artist Eileen Borgeson the ISDC06 Dennis Tito and Orbit Awards given by the Space Tourism Society ( ) and National Space Society ( ).
- The Orbit Awards were a holographic crystal which honored 12 individuals, organizations and companies, including: Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Paul Allen, Sir Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, Zero Gravity (, XPrize Foundation (, Eric Anderson and Colonel Rick Searfoss.
- The two tiered, four sculpture Dennis Tito Awards honored the first private space tourists who paid, trained and visited the International Space Station for a week: Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttelworth, Robert Bigalow and Dr. Gregory Olson.
2005 -Publishing the “Universe Within” and other holographic art editions.
-Promoting Art & Technology in Hawaii through various presentations, lectures and interviews.
-Introducing ‘fine art’ applications through laser-cut metal and dichroic slumped glass (“Cybernetic Circuitry”) into Retail environments (Wylie Systems @ Global Shop – Vegas).
-Developing an embossed HOE lens to be used in conjunction with Photovoltaic cells to increase their efficiency.
2004 -Established offices for E-Art Gallery in Hawaii.
-Created a ‘turn-key’ art licensing E-commerce web-site –
-Showcased Eileen Borgeson’s art (E-Art) in various mediums at hospitality, awards, corporate incentive and gift industry conventions in Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami (R. S. Owens, ETM bronze, Omni Fine Arts & Wylie Systems).
-Featured E-Art (“The Artist Behind Your Muse”) at Promax/BDA International Convention and Award Show in New York City (Eileen’s ‘Muse of Creativity” sculptures are Promax’s Gold and Silver Muse Award).
-Publishing and production of numerous E-Art editions in bronze, crystal, glass, acrylic, giclees, oils & holography (Canada, Germany & Czech Republic)
2003 -Wrote “Mastering the 21st Century” for Artaffairs Magazine.
-Market preparation for a ‘proprietary’ holographic technique to enable mass productioj of inexpensive personalized secured identification.
-Introduced Erté’s “Definition of Art Deco” Video at Promax/BDA International Convention and Award Show (Los Angeles).
-Production of a life-sized Muse of Creativity Sculpture for the Promax Awards Show at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (China).
-“Holographic Virtual Windows” exhibit at CityArt focusing on holograms from Jeff’s collection and featuring “David” (the first white-light viewable embossed hologram) and “The Kiss” (considered the world’s most famous hologram by Lloyd Cross). Both, Jeff and Lloyd attended opening night (Point Arena, CA)
-Organization of five art shows of Eileen’s art editions (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Gualala, Sea Ranch and Sacramento)
2002 -Licensing Liaison for E Art Gallery, Inc. – Licensing and Development Corporation for Eileen Borgeson’s art.
-Created an art edition series, “Enlightened”, incorporating optical crystal and embossed holographic diffraction effects.
-Wrote “The Holographic Experience” for Artaffairs Magazine.
-Wrote and negotiated a licensing agreement between Eileen and Promax for the Gold and Silver Muse of Creativity Awards (launched in 1995).
-Negotiated a license between Eileen, Sevenarts Limited (the Erté Estate) and Chalk & Vermilion FineArts for “Glass Luminaires” art editions.
2001 -Created a holographic art edition, “Earth Rise”, incorporating sand etched and beveled glass, marble and dichromate holography.
2000 -Produced a large featured holographic installation for "Talent and Tapestry Event" at the Tech Center (San Jose).
1999 -Worked with VISA International's upper management on a marketing model of offering uniqe holographic imagery to specific bank chains for promotional and co-branding identification purposes.
1998 -Negotiated a strategic alliance with Information Spectrum, who marketing secured identification cards and had the quarter billion dollar contract with the INS for secure identification cards.
1997 -A featured speaker at the United States Driver's License Conference – "New holographic techniques for card forgery resistant and identification".
-Consulted with the INS for the use of a new patented process to holographically 'personalize' their cards for increased security applications.
1996 -Outlined multi-market applications and a business plan for instant composite holograms which included uses in: portraits, personal identification and Internet e-commerce digital holograms.
1995 -Managed and initiated marketing of patent enabling an instant, inexpensive composite hologram opening market use in many distinct industries.
-Managed and promoted a patented process for a reflection multi-stereo hologram.
-Investigated the feasibility and marketing of inexpensive holographic compact-discs.
-Produced a '3-D' projected attraction for the United States Skating Championship.
1994 -Produced and installed seven technology entertainment areas for seven major corporations (Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Sprint and General Electric) at the E-mail and On-line Industries (predecessor of Internet Commerce) annual convention party (EMI)
-Investigated the feasibility and marketing of a low priced holographic portrait system for world wide franchising (Lloyd Cross)
-Wrote "The State of 3-D" article on holography and 3-D imagery (FUNWORLD Magazine).
1993  -Premiered a new PC based virtual reality system.
-Wrote "The Holographic Experience" article on accessing and incorporating holography in the theme park rides and environments (FUNWORLD Magazine).
-Created a design for a high occupancy, low priced ($6,000,000) interactive simulation attraction (Marine World/Africa USA).
-Started development of a holographic optical system to replace existing virtual reality helmets (Lloyd Cross).
-Installed several technology attractions, including an animated 15’ dinosaur for one of the largest (20K people) New Year’s Eve party in the US (San Francisco).
-Designed & produced a traveling multi-media, interactive technology event, “Jeff Allen’s Virtual World’s tour” (Interactive Entertainment & Education).
1992   -Provided two attractions for a Comdex party at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas (Compaq Computers).
-Created & contributed two cutting-edge technology areas for an event that raised $700,000 (Silicon Valley Charity Ball).
-Designed & produced for numerous Fairs & Expos, customized technology exhibits in the United States and Canada.
1991 -Designed a proposed multi-million dollar high-tech attraction (Marine World/Africa USA).
-Produced a high-tech fund raising event (Make-A-Wish Foundation).
-Created large-format projected 3-D TV & holographic attractions for 7,000 people (San Francisco Fashion Center).
-Designed & produced a traveling multi-media extravaganza “Visions of the 20th Century), with holography, computer animation, 3-D TV, robotics and VR.
1990 -Wrote and published “Magic Windows’ Pocket Holography”.
-Designed & produced a holography/computer animation exhibit, viewed by almost one million people, with four different formats for four different Fairs.
1989 -Designed, produced and installed a comprehensive holography exhibit for a fair attraction (Valalejo, CA).
1988 -Investigated a system to create a large area ‘projected’ holographic movie with holographer Lloyd Cross. Discussed these possibilities with Disney Imagineering and Lucas Films (EnVision Enterprises).
1987 -From mastering to complete packaged holographic product line, coordinated manufacturing in Taiwan (Sensory Dynamics International, Inc.).
1986 -First use of wide-web embossed holography for a billboard (Ventura Radio Station).
1983 -Created and marketed holographic Christmas Cards incorporating a music chip (Laser Vision).
1981 -Drafted and negotiated their first holography license (Atari/Warner Bros.).
1978 -Produced a series of “fine art” holographic movies with artist Peter Sparrow, one featuring actress Jenny Agutter.
-Night club and hotel environments (Ramada Inns).
-Major retail holographic dichromate jewelry sales campaign utilizing television and full page (L.A. Times) print ads (May Co).
-New patented “prime mover” that could use nuclear waste for its energy source (Donald Loomis).
-Representing two uniquely different English translations (Eastern & Western Thought) in rhythm of the 2,500 year old “Tao Te Ching” (Donald Loomis).
1977 -Special effects for a network television series (Logan’s Run ).
-Produced seven 360 degree holographic movies for Japan (Sterling Technologies).
1976 -Light Integrating system, 360 degree television system, and a breakthrough cinema matte process (Ergon, Inc.).
1974 -Holographic laboratory for mastering & pulsed holograms (Holo-Spectra).
1973 -1st embossed holograms on records (Warner Bros. & Capital Records).
-1st commercially available embossed holograms (Laser Focus Magazine).
-Licensed PAL (a variable ratio prismatic anamorphic (color corrected) lens system) for the printing industry.
1972 -Licensed a HOE technique for the Ophthalmology Industry.
-1st mail-able hologram with built in light display (J. Walter Thompson)
1970-73 -Founded and research and development company which created three laser/holography laboratories (C.R. & D. Corp.).
1968-70 -Founded an international promotion/booking entertainment company, initially focused on Japan, Australia & New Zealand (World Promotions).
1967 -Worked for Univac Computers, one of the few individuals in their commercial division.
1965 -Learned how to program the IBM 1401 and 360 computers – highest honors.