A new show entitled Holographic Virtual Windows will open Friday, January 10 at the Point Arena CityArt Gallery, with an opening reception from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Sponsored by Eileen Borgeson, Jeff Allen and the Redwood Coast Education Foundation, the show will include numerous holograms that have been seen by millions of people across the country through shows produced by Jeff Allen over the past 15 years.

Members of the community are invited to see the first coastal showing of the constantly evolving art of the hologram. Samplings of various uses of the hologram in our day to day life will be on view as well as some historical surprises.

A video will be shown periodically during the evening explaining how holography works and demonstrating how holograms are made.

What is a hologram? According to MIT holographer, researcher and developer of the Rainbow hologram, Steve Benton, it is "a window with a memory." To Lloyd Cross, a holography pioneer, founder of the first School of Holography, and a longtime resident of the area, a hologram is "a portal through which you view a reconstructed vision of reality." And to Jeff Allen, who was involved with the creation of embossed holography it is "a visual deja vu of a previous moment."

"Our hope in presenting this show is to allow people to gain a little more understanding of what a hologram is all about, and notice how much we are seeing holography and holograms in television, movie and book plots, on credit cards, in displays, advertising and art," said Borgeson.

Lloyd Cross and Jeff Allen will be available on the opening night to answer questions and shed light on some of the magic of holography and some of its historical moments.

The Kiss, a moving hologram created by Lloyd Cross and considered by many to be the world's most famous hologram, will also be on display opening night.

Special times will be made available for student groups and will be coordinated with the teachers and principals. A small diode laser will be on hand to accentuate a holographic artistic work-in-process by artist Eileen Borgeson. For more information call 884-441, 882-3616 or info@holographics.com.